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Head Start Cuts

| March 5, 2013

A child education program is facing more cuts, thanks to sequestration, affecting the nearly 400 kids it serves. Dick Palm has the story.

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Reactions To Sequestration

| March 4, 2013

President Barrack Obama has signed the order for sequestration.  It’s the largest across the board federal spending cuts to ever hit the nation

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Sequester! How Serious?

| March 1, 2013

Politicians in Washington continue to play the blame game over the automatic spending cuts set to take affect at midnight on Friday.  But how much of a concern should it be?

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Budget Cuts Impact On Military Ops. & Public Safety

| February 26, 2013

As we get closer to the possibility of 85 billion dollars in automatic cuts that will impact the nation, I’ve been narrowing down the impacts on Maine.  Here’s a look at military operations and pubic safety.

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Sequester Impact On Maine Education

| February 25, 2013

With major budget cuts ahead of us, the white house needs to act fast to possibly prevent what they call a sequester.  It could cause automatic cuts to many services and programs in Maine’s education system.

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