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One month after transition to VIP Tires and Service, Former Sears employees are happy

| December 19, 2014

Wearing a┬áVIP hat and jacket was a little strange at first for Dan Castle. But the former Sears Auto Center employee says it didn’t take long at all for him to feel at home at his new job. “They’ve all been really welcoming and it’s been a really easy transition,” said Castle. Castle is one […]

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SEARS Workers Already Looking For Replacement Jobs and Opportunities According To Presque Isle Career Development Officials

| December 11, 2014

SEARS is one step closer to permanently closing its doors at the Aroostook Centre Mall. Shawn Cunningham reports on what looms for its workers. Presque Isle Customers go in and out of SEARS buying up the last bit of store items for sale. There’s still more inventory left to sell before the store permanently closes […]

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Sears Auto Center employees have jobs at VIP Tires and Service

| November 6, 2014

Time is winding down for workers at Sears Auto Center….as the shop will be closing for good on Saturday. Fortunately, many team members won’t have to worry about having a place to go. “That was the biggest stressful thing actually was not knowing what was to become of any of our jobs or anything,” said […]

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SEARS Workers Need To Start Looking For New Jobs Now Say Local Labor Officials

| October 22, 2014

In just a little more than three months, SEARS will be permanently closing its doors at the Aroostook Centre Mall in Presque Isle put 63 people out of work. Local employment services and outreach professionals say NOW is the time those workers should be looking for new jobs. Shawn Cunningham reports. SEARS may be closing […]

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SEARS Closing Not Official Says Aroostook Centre Mall Manager…Excited About New Businesses Opening There

| October 16, 2014

Its been one day since SEARS announced they were closing the Presque Isle store at the Aroostook Centre Mall, putting 63 people OUT OF WORK by mid January. Shawn Cunningham has been following this story since it broke. Today she caught up with the Mall Manager who says the future of the mall is far […]

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