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Developing a Proficiency-Based Learning System in the County

| September 15, 2014

“Schools across Maine are really changing education to better meet the needs of students,” says the Co-Chair of Maine Customized Learning, Linda Laughlin. 16 school districts in the County came together to learn about the proficiency-based model of education. “Proficiency-based really means that we’re going to identify a common set of learning expectations for students […]

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Northern Maine Counseling Association Meets to Discuss Proficiency Based Learning

| January 23, 2014

They’re listening ears, problem solvers, and links to the future for high school students. They’re the guidance counselors of Aroostook County. And together with directors of college admissions, upward bound, and other programs, they become the Northern Maine Counseling Association — and they meet every other month. Mary Warren, President of the NMCA says, “if […]

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