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Northern Maine Counseling Association Meets to Discuss Proficiency Based Learning

| January 23, 2014

They’re listening ears, problem solvers, and links to the future for high school students. They’re the guidance counselors of Aroostook County. And together with directors of college admissions, upward bound, and other programs, they become the Northern Maine Counseling Association — and they meet every other month. Mary Warren, President of the NMCA says, “if […]

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Medical Monday 1.20.14: Critical Care Transport Training

| January 22, 2014

Changing technology has changed the healthcare field, including emergency response. EMT’s, nurses and paramedics need to know how to use the latest technology that can help save lives in critical care situations. A certification program is helping to provide that knowledge through an intense two week training. Emergency healthcare responders are learning the basics of […]

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Status Update On The New Wellness & Student Centers At NMCC

| December 17, 2013

Current and future students of Northern Maine Community College have something exciting to look forward to.  A new Wellness and student center will be opening and in the meantime, preview tours are being held to show the progress. Those involved with the new Rodney Smith Wellness and Akeley Student Centers are touring the facilities frequently […]

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How About A New Years Resolution To Advance Yourself In The Workplace, And Starting It Now!

| December 12, 2013

A CNN Report suggests a New Year’s resolution that’s not your typical one. They recommend setting workplace goals to advance yourself at work. And they recommend starting them BEFORE the new year. Why go for the cliché new years resolution like losing weight. When you can set goals to advance yourself in the workplace. Peter […]

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NMCC Welcomes New Director of Finance

| December 10, 2013

Aroostook County  – A certified public accountant with 24 years of experience as a manager, internal auditor and project coordinator is the new director of finance for Northern Maine Community College.  Michael I. Williams, C.P.A., C.I.A. is assuming the position held by Larry LaPlante who is retiring this month after nine years of service to […]

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