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One year after horrific double murders, Oakfield residents say their town has changed

| September 23, 2014

The small community of Oakfield may not look much different..but residents say their town isn’t the same anymore. A double homicide that happened exactly one year ago changed this place in more ways than one. “It seems like it was 9/11 event on a very local basis,” said David Gordon. David Gordon knew Mike Kitchen […]

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Friends and Neighbors Devastated By Loss of Community Members in Oakfield

| September 24, 2013

The day after two tragic deaths and three fires in and around Oakfield, State Police and the State Fire Marshals Office are working to put together the pieces. But Monday’s events have left this small community saddened and stunned. Neighbor Debbie Schillinger says, “It was like a day out of a very bad movie..all day long..just very […]

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