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Medical Monday 1.19.15: The Whole 30 Diet Plan

| January 19, 2015

It’s a New Year and plenty of people have begun their resolution to get healthy. For some it means better diet and nutrition. And that could mean changing the entire way you eat. A new diet trend is helping some people work their way to better health in just thirty days…by simply eliminating some ingredients. […]

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Medical Monday 1.5.15: Keeping The New Year Resolution Of Getting Fit

| January 5, 2015

A New Year and many people have resolved to get in shape. It’s the number one resolution people make every year…and the hardest to keep. In this week’s Medical Monday, Shawn Cunningham reports on a few simple tips that will help you stick to your resolution all year long. 00:07 Presque Isle These people at […]

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Medical Monday 9.22.14: Celiac Disease

| September 24, 2014

Large numbers of people are being diagnosed with celiac disease. It’s an allergic reaction to foods that contain GLUTEN. In this week’s Medical Monday, Shawn Cunningham examines the disease and how more food companies are working to accomodate people who have it. Presque Isle Many grocery stores like Graves Shop and Save in Presque Isle […]

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Medical Monday 8.4.14: Ebola Causing Global Distress

| August 7, 2014

The World Health Organization reports the death toll continues to rise in Western Africa from the ebola virus. More than 800 people have died in the past week in parts of Guinea, Liberia, Nigeria and Sierra Leone. Two American aid workers have contracted the disease. One was flown back to the states for treatment. That […]

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Medical Monday 7.7.14: Nonsurgical Treatment for Dupuytren’s Contracture

| July 10, 2014

Millions of Americans suffer with a disease that can lead to the permanent bending of fingers. It’s called Duputren’s (DOO-PA-TREN’S) Contracture. In this week’s Medical Monday, Shawn Cunningham talks to one man who’s hand mobility has been restored thanks to a nonsurgical procedure offered at Cary Medical Center. Raynold (RAIN-OLD) Blair is looking forward to […]

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