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LePage to Submit Bill for Drug Enforcement Effort

| April 30, 2014

AUGUSTA, Maine (AP) – Gov. Paul LePage is submitting a last-minute bill to fund new drug enforcement agents, judges and prosecutors to combat the state’s drug problem. The Republican governor proposed Wednesday to use revenue in the unclaimed property fund account, which holds things like checking accounts and insurance payments whose owner can’t be identified. […]

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Man Arrested for Distributing Crack

| April 16, 2014

The Maine Drug Enforcement Agency announced the arrest of a Portland man for distributing Crack Cocaine throughout greater Portland.  21 year old Ian Nono is charged with two counts of Trafficking in Schedule W Drugs (Crack Cocaine) and Refusing to Submit to Arrest. Beginning in early February, agents from the MDEA Cumberland District Task Force […]

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Longtime Drug Enforcement Agent Receives Big Honor

| April 11, 2014

A standing ovation for Chief Deputy Sheriff and longtime Maine Drug Enforcement Agent Darrell Crandall on Friday, as he was recognized by the Maine Elks Association as the state’s nominee for the Enrique Camarena award. One he accepted on behalf of himself and the hundreds of officers he’s been able to work with. “I’m humbled […]

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Crack Cocaine Arrests

| March 28, 2014

The Maine Drug Enforcement Agency’s announces the arrests of Ryan Benoit ,23, and Joshua Downs, 18, both of Sanford. Agents from the MDEA York County District Task Force and Sanford Police conducted an investigation into the distribution of crack cocaine by Benoit in Sanford. Over the past three weeks agents conducted undercover purchases of crack […]

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Portland Crack Arrest

| February 27, 2014

The Maine Drug Enforcement Agency announces the arrest of Ronald Gullikson, 49, of Portland, for 2 counts of Class A Aggravated Trafficking in Schedule Drugs (Crack Cocaine). Gullikson was arrested at his second floor apartment at 144 Ocean Avenue without incident. Three other people in the apartment at the time were detained and later released. […]

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