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Presque Isle Police Urge Drivers to Stay Safe This Summer

| May 30, 2014

The roads may not be covered in snow and ice, but the Presque Isle Police say they respond to just as many if not more car accidents in the summertime. “They’re not really concerned about stuff on the road like ice and snow, so that kind of concern is out of their mind, it’s warmer […]

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Theft Gone Wrong at Stew’s Downtown Sight and Sound

| February 21, 2014

22 year old, Richard Churchill Jr. of Presque Isle, made an “attempt” to steal surveillance equipment on Wednesday morning but something got in his way. “He went in and grabbed a bunch of stuff, and turned to run out and in their haste to get out, they actually wound up running through or into the […]

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Series of Vehicle Break-Ins in Presque Isle, One Male Arrested

| June 19, 2013

A 17-year old male was arrested Tuesday night and charged with the burglary of two motor vehicles in Presque Isle. The PIPD say a series of car break-ins have been reported over the past couple days – and they’re currently investigating whether or not more individuals are involved. News Source 8’s Katie Zarrilli reports.

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Man Brings Loaded Gun into Bar

| April 9, 2013

A man is in jail after bringing a loaded gun to Bou’s Brew Pub this weekend. An alarming event that the Presque Isle police say could have very easily turned dangerous. News Source 8’s Katie Zarrilli has more on the incident and tells us what the laws are about carrying guns in public.

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