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One month after transition to VIP Tires and Service, Former Sears employees are happy

| December 19, 2014

Wearing a VIP hat and jacket was a little strange at first for Dan Castle. But the former Sears Auto Center employee says it didn’t take long at all for him to feel at home at his new job. “They’ve all been really welcoming and it’s been a really easy transition,” said Castle. Castle is one […]

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Fort Kent community supports 6-year-old with Leukemia as wish is granted

| December 15, 2014

What may have looked like your average elementary school assembly on Friday was really a genuine show of support for 6-year-old Kearston Albert. “She’s been like a trooper through all of this and she’s really young,” said her peer McKenzie Bernier. Kearston was diagnosed with leukemia back in August of 2012. She’s in remission now, and […]

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After two Canadian Lynx killed in traps, rules immediately change for Maine trappers

| December 11, 2014

Immediate and important changes for trappers in the County – the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife is asking for the removal of all above ground killer-type or foothold traps for the remainder of the season. “It’s fairly sudden, we’re trying to get the word out,” said Lieut. Thomas Ward of the Maine Warden […]

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Florida Law Enforcement Veteran Excited to Take Over as Houlton Police Chief

| December 10, 2014

He’s the man who is about to be the face of the Houlton Police Department. Joe McKenna is thrilled to start as chief in less than a month. “It’s hard to put into’s the opportunity of a lifetime,” said McKenna. The Houlton town council unanimously approved McKenna’s appointment on Monday night. Currently a Floridian — […]

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Goff returns home to be Fort Fairfield’s marketing and economic director

| December 4, 2014

“That’s really what I love about being back up’s been great just laughing and getting to get reconnected to the community,” said Fort Fairfield’s new marketing and economic director, Tim Goff. Everyone loves a good homecoming story..and that’s exactly the case with Goff. He’s back in his hometown after almost twenty years away. “It’s […]

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