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Wet Weather Causes Most ATV Trails to Remain Closed This Weekend

| May 23, 2014

It’s almost Memorial Day weekend, and while ATV trails like this one in Caribou would usually be open, that isn’t the case this year. “It’s been a very long winter as we all know, and right now spring has not been in our favor if we’re outdoor enthusiasts, it’s very wet. And unfortunately, a lot of […]

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A Drop In Snowmobile Registrations Could Result In Less Trails Next Season

| April 18, 2014

One of the big economic drivers in Aroostook County is snowmobiling.  Registration numbers for the state aren’t in yet, but the numbers are down, and this could have a significant impact on next season. About 80 to 90 thousand snowmobile registrations for the season in Maine used to be typical. In the last three years, Caribou […]

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Power of Prevention Receives Grant

| September 17, 2013

The Power of Prevention based in Caribou is  the recipient of $125,000 in Drug Free Community grant funds to involve and engage Aroostook County to prevent substance use         among youth.  The grant will be administered by Cary Medical Center. The DFC program provides grants of up to $625,000 over 5 years […]

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Snowmobile Trails

| March 19, 2013

The snowmobile season could be just about on its last runners, but even with substantial snow being forecast for the next couple of days will it be enough? NewsSource 8’s Dick Palm has more on the condition of the trails.

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| March 14, 2013

Those that utilize the Caribou Wellness and Recreation Center may soon be paying new fees for some of its programs. Dick Palm spoke with the Parks and Recreation Department’s superintendent.

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