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Local businesses see boost during moose hunting season

| September 24, 2014

It’s a sunny September day and the Gateway Variety store in Ashland is packed. Dressed in their orange caps and camoflauge suits, hunters are coming in nonstop, tagging their prized possessions. “Today has been crazy busy…a day like this is just awesome for business,” said Dennis Beaulier who owns the Gateway Variety. The 2014 Maine […]

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Maine Bear Trapping Season Begins Before Ban Vote

| September 1, 2014

PORTLAND, Maine (AP) – Maine’s bear trapping season is set to begin about two months before a state-wide referendum that could ban the hunting method. The state’s bear trapping season runs from Monday to Oct. 31. Trapping bears is one of three hunting methods voters could choose to ban in a November vote. The other […]

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Community Members Devastated By Loss of Oxbow Lodge

| December 16, 2013

Leonard and Phyllis Hutchins smiled as they looked at a drawing of the Oxbow Lodge that they owned for about 18 years. They talked about memories they had there between 1968 and 1985. It’s a place where people – hunters especially in the Oxbow area and beyond, hold fond memories. Sadly, the more than 100 […]

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Hunting Safety Course

| September 22, 2012

Pretty soon the woods will be a little more packed- as hunters prepare for the upcoming season. For some, it’ll be their first time out and a course offered right in Presque Isle aims to teach new hunters all the safety measures they need to take. News Source 8 sports reporter Jenna Callari has more.

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