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Parties Make Final Push for Legislative Candidates

| July 15, 2014

AUGUSTA, Maine (AP) – Maine Democrats and Republicans are making a last-minute drive to find candidates willing to run this November for the state House and Senate. Monday was the last day that candidates could withdraw and still be replaced on the ballot. Overall, 50 House and Senate candidates withdrew from their races after the […]

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House and Senate Divided on Call Center Bill

| March 26, 2014

AUGUSTA, Maine (AP) – Maine’s House of Representatives has given initial approval to a bill that would penalize businesses that relocate their call centers overseas. The Democratic-led House voted 78-63 on Wednesday in favor of the bill supporters say seeks to encourage businesses to keep call centers in the state. But the measure failed in […]

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House and Senate at Odds Over Slot Machines

| March 20, 2014

AUGUSTA, Maine (AP) – Maine’s Democratic-controlled House and Senate are at odds over proposals to bring more slot machines to the state. The Democratic-controlled House voted 77-57 on Thursday in favor of a bill that would allow veterans’ organizations like the American Legion to put slot machines in their clubs. The bill was shot down […]

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Maine Eyes Virtual Charter School Moratorium

| February 20, 2014

AUGUSTA, Maine (AP) – A bill moving forward in the Maine Legislature would place a moratorium on virtual charter schools in the state until next year. The bill before the Democratic-controlled Legislature directs the state to develop a plan to provide all public schools in the state access to online learning, including a possible state-run […]

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Religious Freedom Bill Rejected

| February 18, 2014

AUGUSTA, Maine (AP) – Maine lawmakers have rejected a bill designed to strengthen legal protections for religious freedom in the state. The Democratic-controlled Senate voted 19-16 in favor of rejecting the bill, sending it to the House for further consideration. Republican Sen. David Burns of Whiting says his bill would ensure that the state must […]

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