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Medical Monday 6.2.14: Houlton Regional Hospital Deal With Budget Challenges…Qualitative Patient Care Still First, Primary Focus…

| June 5, 2014

The rising cost of healthcare doesn’t just impact patients, it can also affect a hospital’s bottom line. Houlton Regional Hospital has endured some major money challenges forcing them to make some major changes to healthcare services. Its this week’s Medical Monday with Shawn Cunningham. Its been a tough few years financially for Houlton Regional Hospital. […]

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County Hospitals Reimbursed for MaineCare Debt

| September 30, 2013

It’s money that’s been owed for a long, long time – but this month Governor LePage came through on one of his big promises — paying the state’s hospitals their shares of the nearly 2 billion dollars they’re owed from the combined state and federal MaineCare debt. “This is really not a windfall,” says Sylvia Getman, […]

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Houlton Regional Hospital to Close Nursing Home

| August 27, 2013

The halls of the nursing home at the Houlton Regional Hospital are empty. Three staff members are at the front desk where usually, there would be more. The rooms are under construction. Come October, this nursing home will be closed. Thomas Moakler, the hospital’s C.E.O. says, “When people hear something’s closing at a hospital it […]

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Medical Monday 7.8.13: Shaken Baby Syndrome/Purple Crying

| July 9, 2013

Some babies can end up with brain injuries or disabilities. And surprisingly its SOME PARENTS who are responsible because they shake their babies. Those health conditions are preventable through ample education for parents. Shawn Cunningham has more in this week’s Medical Monday.

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Mental Health Illness Support Group

| March 5, 2013

Adults with mental illnesses who may just need support to deal with any struggles can find that support in Houlton.

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