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Fort Fairfield Starch Plant Up and Running

| July 22, 2013

It’s been almost a month since a west-coast based corporation bought the starch plant in Fort Fairfield. We sat down with the company’s president and CEO when she was in town last week. News Source 8’s Katie Zarrilli tells us what her goals are for the plant.

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Reading and Reptiles at the Fort Fairfield Public Library

| July 15, 2013

New light NOT SNAKESKIN was SHED on the facts and fiction about reptiles this afternoon for some county youngsters. Shawn Cunningham reports on Reading and Reptile Day at the Fort Fairfield Library.

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Starch Plant Reopens

| July 3, 2013

A Central Aroostook business that has been closed since the end of May has been given a new breath of life. Dick Palm explains.

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Youngsters Take Part in Tigers Basketball Camp

| June 27, 2013

It may be the off season, but the gym at Fort Fairfield high school has been packed with kids over the past two weeks. It’s full of youngsters throughout the area hoping to one day be a varsity basketball player. News Source 8 sports reporter Jenna Callari has a look.

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Fort Fairfield Budget Balancing Might Require Municipal Staffing Reductions

| June 19, 2013

We turn now to Fort Fairfield where the Town Council is meeting to finalize its 2013-2014 municipal budget. Our Shawn Cunningham met up with the Town Manager earlier today to find out what difficult decisions lay ahead in that community.

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