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Two Sections of Community General Hospital in Fort Fairfield Planned to Be Demolished…TAMC Health Clinic Will Remain Open

| April 30, 2014

A clinic will remain open in Fort Fairfield. The landmark Community General Hospital which houses the TAMC health clinic will stay open to serve patients, however officials have decided to tear down TWO LARGE unutilized parts of the building. Officials say the decision came down to one thing…keeping a healthcare presence in Fort Fairfield that’s cost […]

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Fort Fairfield Estimates Just Over $46k So Far On Road Repairs Due To Flooding

| April 29, 2014

Fort Fairfield is one of the towns with the most damage done to it’s roads from the flooding two weeks ago. It’s certainly not as bad as the devastating floods of 1994, but the repairs are costing the town a pretty penny. A piece of hot top laying in a field used to be part of a road a few […]

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Caribou Man Sentenced on Child Porn Charges

| April 28, 2014

(Bangor, Maine) – United States Attorney Thomas E. Delahanty II announced that Christopher Hitchcock, 26, of Caribou was sentenced Monday in U.S. District Court by Chief Judge John A. Woodcock., Jr. to 20 years in prison, to be followed by 20 years of supervised release, for transportation of child pornography.  Hitchcock pled guilty on November […]

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Flood Retrospective Part Three: The Impact of The Dike To Keep 1994 Disaster From Repeating Itself Ever Again

| April 21, 2014

Some residents in Fort Fairfield are breathing a sigh of relief the water is starting to recede. But the thread of flood potential still exists say municipal officials. One saving grace to keep the flood disaster of 1994 from happening again is the DIKE that’s been put in place since then. Concluding her look back […]

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Flood Safety Remains Priority…Urges Residents Use Caution and Common Sense

| April 18, 2014

Water has receded a bit in Fort Fairfield, but officials say they’re still eyeing the river. Most importantly they’re warning folks to use caution and common sense in staying safe until the potential for flooding is no longer a threat. Shawn Cunningham reports. 00:00 Fort Fairfield (track 1) The water has gone down a bit […]

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