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The Fitness Journey: Segment Three

| February 25, 2014

Katie here – this last session of B3 wrapped up on Sunday. Now, when I started this program I said that I had goals to be more confident, to love myself, and to trust myself. Of course achieving those goals can’t be accomplished in six weeks, but I feel like each and every day since […]

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The Fitness Journey Part Two: Food

| February 6, 2014

Katie here – we’ve passed the halfway point of this B3 session and so far I haven’t missed a class! The workouts are fantastic, and I feel good…but there is a whole other piece to the ‘getting in shape’ puzzle…and that’s the food. Like so many people, food has been a struggle for me my […]

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Starting The Wellness Journey: Part One

| January 21, 2014

Katie here..every new year we’re inundated with messages about how to get in shape and why we need to. And the truth is, getting in shape isn’t easy. But it is something I recently decided to do, because I want to learn to be confident, to love myself, and trust myself. And so I’m sharing […]

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