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Firewood Dealers Urging People To Buy Now Not Wait Until Cold Weather Arrives

| October 7, 2014

Firewood dealers are telling people if you haven’t bought your firewood yet, now is the time to put in your orders before supplies run out. Shawn Cunningham reports. Firewood dealer Lucas Sterris and his workers are cutting several cordes of wood for a delivery to go out Tuesday afternoon. He’s getting lot’s of calls from […]

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Cold Winter Fuels Demand for Firewood in Maine

| June 2, 2014

WINDHAM, Maine (AP) – Summer isn’t officially here yet but Maine residents who heat their homes with wood are already thinking about next winter. Mark Killinger, owner of Atlantic Firewood, and other firewood dealers say homeowners are calling early and ordering more wood than normal, while memories of last winter’s brutal cold are still fresh. […]

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Firewood Suppliers Say Stock Up On Wood for Cold Season Now…

| May 23, 2014

The cold weather is behind us…But for those who make a living by supplying firewood to help keep Mainers warm, they’re already started thinking ahead to next fall and winter. Shawn Cunningham talks to one dealer who’s trying to LIGHT A FIRE under his customers…to buy their supplies early. This past fall and winter posed […]

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Cold Weather Freezing Out Maine Firewood Suppliers

| January 24, 2014

Some firewood dealers say they fear being given the cold shoulder by their customers. The cold weather has a put a strain on their ability to keep up with customers’ growing demands for more wood to heat their homes. But one dealer is┬ádetermined to keep the embers of his business burning. Lucas Sterris and Kyle […]

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