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New Brunswick Government Announces Support for Twin Rivers Transaction

| June 10, 2013

An announcement made in Edmundston means a very positive future for the newly owned Twin Rivers Paper Company. Officials from the new ownership group were on hand as the provincial government offered their support. News Source 8’s Katie Zarrilli reports.

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Celebrating National Acadian Day in Edmundston

| August 16, 2012

Communities all over Canada celebrated National Acadian day yesterday. For those of Acadian descent, it was a day to be proud of their heritage. News Source 8’s Katie Zarrilli shows us the celebration in Edmundston, New Brunswick.

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Edmundston Chooses Site for Natural Playground

| June 18, 2012

Back in April, the city of Edmundston was named the Live Right Now 2012 Capitol of Canada. Along with the title came the opportunity to build what’s called a “natural playground”. News Source 8 reporter Jenna Callari gives us a look at the space that’s been chosen for the project and explains more about what a natural […]

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Edmundston Receives HUGE Honor

| April 16, 2012 | 0 Comments

In 2010, New Brunswick was deemed Canada’s most overweight province. But things have changed… And Edmundston has been named the “Live Right Now 2012 Capitol of Canada.” News Source 8 reporter Jenna Callari explains the unique honor the city has received for promoting a healthy and active lifestyle.

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