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Shutdown Over, Federal Employees in the County Still Not Relieved

| October 17, 2013

Sixteen days later and federal employees are back to work. President Obama signed the bill into law just after midnight that ended the government shutdown and raised the nation’s debt limit to avoid default. “There’s a lot of work ahead of us,” says President Barack Obama…”including our need to earn back the trust of the […]

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Shutdown Could Put Over 500 Employees Limestone DFAS Out of Work

| October 4, 2013

Employees at the Department of Defense Finance and Accounting Service in Limestone are holding their breath. They were notified earlier this week that if the government shut down lasts, they could be temporarily out of work after next Friday. Holli Landry, Local 294 President of DFAS Limestone says, “they’re thinking about, what are we gonna […]

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DFAS Could Be Affected If Shutdown Continues

| October 3, 2013

If the partial government shutdown isn’t resolved soon, the Defense Finance and Accounting Service in Limestone WILL be impacted. The shutdown may affect 500 plus Federal employees at DFAS-Limestone  due to the budget not being signed.  The employees were notified Wednesday afternoon that there were enough funds to carry them through until the end of next […]

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