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Town officials concerned about LePage’s proposed state budget

| January 22, 2015

“Municipalities know what services their community needs more so than the state does I feel. I think the state should be helping us rather than making it harder for us,” said Houlton town manager Butch Asselin. Asselin is concerned about Governor LePage’s budget proposal for the 2016-17 fiscal year. That’s because if the state goes […]

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Lepage Wants Money for Outside Counsel

| January 15, 2015

AUGUSTA, Maine (AP) – Republican Gov. Paul LePage wants to set aside $2 million in Maine’s budget to cover legal fees for cases in which the state’s top attorney declines to represent the state. LePage’s administration said that the governor is pursuing an “aggressive agenda” and wants to ensure funds are available if he must […]

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Plan ahead when budgeting for the holidays

| December 24, 2014

With only a few days left until Christmas,¬†eager shoppers rush to stores to pick up that last gift for that special someone. But if they’re not careful, those Christmas gifts will land them in the red. “It’s great that these people opened the gifts up and they’re very happy, but then the gift you left […]

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Madwaska School Budget Debate Continues Between School and Municipal Budget Committees

| July 10, 2014

The town of Madawaska will be holding another public meeting early next week to once again try to approve a school budget for the upcoming school year. As it stands right now, school and town officials can’t agree on where cuts to a proposed budget should be made… Shawn Cunningham reports. Ginette Albert Madawaska Superintendent […]

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Medical Monday 6.2.14: Houlton Regional Hospital Deal With Budget Challenges…Qualitative Patient Care Still First, Primary Focus…

| June 5, 2014

The rising cost of healthcare doesn’t just impact patients, it can also affect a hospital’s bottom line. Houlton Regional Hospital has endured some major money challenges forcing them to make some major changes to healthcare services. Its this week’s Medical Monday with Shawn Cunningham. Its been a tough few years financially for Houlton Regional Hospital. […]

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