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AMHC works with the Aroostook Centre Mall to promote equal opportunity employment

| October 18, 2013

If you’ve been to the Aroostook Centre Mall you may have seen Philip doing a variety of jobs. Phillip has been deaf since birth. We spoke with him today, he’s been an employee at the mall for over a year now.  He uses American sign language to communicate with his fellow employees. Philip was hired […]

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Childhood Trauma

| August 8, 2013

Trauma is an overwhelming experience that can interfere with the way children grow, learn and behave. Some traumatic events are obvious. Others are less clear. More than 40 people came out to this training seminar geared towards those who work and interact with kids. They were there to learn about childhood exposure to violence and […]

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AMHC Offers New Program for At Risk Youth

| July 19, 2013

Friday was the kickoff of a new program that’s being offered at the Aroostook Mental Health Center. It’s a therapy program for troubled youth that takes place right in their homes. News Source 8’s Katie Zarrilli explains.

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Sno-Run Fundraiser Preview

| February 5, 2013

An exciting and festive event to raise money for child and teen sexual assault victims will take place on Saturday February 9th.  It’s an annual fundraiser that attracts snowmobilers and supporters for the cause.  And they’re trying something new this year….

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Suicide Signs and Prevention

| April 27, 2012 | 0 Comments

In the aftermath of that tragedy, we’re taking a look tonight at suicide prevention. News Source 8’s Jenna Callari has a look at some of the signs to watch for if you’re worried that someone you know may be in danger of taking their own life.

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