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Suspect Gives Up for Mountain Dew, Chocolate Milk

| May 19, 2014

Home Invasion

PORTLAND, Maine (AP) – Police say a home invasion suspect was coaxed into surrendering after several days in the woods with a promise that he wouldn’t be harmed – and that he’d be provided chocolate milk and Mountain Dew.
Police say 30-year-old Michael Crockett Jr. of Buxton was thirsty and hungry – and covered with mosquito bites and ticks – when he surrendered Sunday night.

York County Chief Deputy William King Jr. told the Portland Press Herald ┬áthat he purchased Mountain Dew and chocolate milk under the surrender terms. Crockett’s lawyer, Amy Fairfield, also ordered a pizza.

Police say Crockett is one of three people suspected of assaulting and tying up the 60-year-old woman in a home invasion last month in Buxton. Fairfield says Crockett, who remains jailed, has an alibi.

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