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Students Learn About Biathlon

| February 5, 2014


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The World Youth and Junior Biathlon Championships are just over 3 weeks away. Once again this year several schools will have students in attendance for at least one session to cheer on the Biathletes and witness athletes from all over the World in the County.   A group of volunteers and Maine Winter Sports Center Athletes are spending time in local schools talking about the upcoming event.

Maine Winter Sports Center team members were in attendance to talk about the upcoming event.

“Hendrickson:” We are doing a presenation on Biathlon. I feel it is very important for the students to understand the sport before they go to the race.  We are talking about the sport and how to cheer and how to appreciate the Athletes who are coming.”

The fourth grade students will be attending the biathlon on the opening day February 28th. This is a great tool for the teachers. It gives them a chance to teach their students about other parts of the World.

Buck:” They are getting really excited. I think today the presentation with Mrs. Hendrickson and the Biathletes have gotten them excited.  Now it has become more real and they can understand it better.  They have more knowledge to enjoy the event.”

A power point demonstration started off the presentation and then several of the youngsters showed the importance of dressing warmly for the event and showed the importance of having fun at the venue

Cheryl Martin is a fifth grade teacher at Zippel and her classes have been attending major biathlon events in the area since 2004. Her students were featured on German TV that year and this year her class will be cheering for a different country

Martin:” We plan to cheer on Russian Athletes so we get to learn a lot about what goes on at Biathlon and learn a little bit about the Russian Language and Culture.”

During each session one youngster was chosen to simulate the sport of biathlon and how to cheer when they hit or miss targets.

Maddie Phaneuf a member of the Maine Winter Sports Center team will be making her World Championship debut and said that teaching youngsters about the sport is very important and also gives the youngsters a connection to the competitors.

Phaneuf:” It’s really important to come into the classrooms and meet the students who are going to be at the races.  They get a familiar face to cheer on to the US Team. We can also teach them how important it is to be there and understand what they are going to be watching.”

Under a month to the start of the event and while the biathletes continue to train for the event the youngsters are counting the days to when they can let out some huge cheers.

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