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Students Have Last Day at Wellington School in Monticello

| June 17, 2014

WellingtonLastDay from WAGM-TV on Vimeo.

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“The last day of school is always an emotional’s hard to know that your little ones are moving of course has special significance because it’s the last kindergarten class,” said kindergarten teacher Susan McMann.

McMann has been a teacher at the Wellington School for the last nine years. On Tuesday morning she soaked up the final moments she had with the last kindergarten class to ever attend the school in Monticello. She is one of many who are devastated to see this building close.

“I love the little sense of family that we have here,” she said.

“We all told each other no crying is allowed but I’m the first one that broke that the awards assembly this morning,” said teaching principal Cindy Peterson.

At that assembly, students were recognized for everything from perfect attendance to their participation in extracurricular activities. Many parents of these little ones have concerns going forward.

“I’m very upset about it. This school has been wonderful for my children, they have excelled in ways that we could have never imagined,” said parent Victoria Pelton.

Teaching Principal Cindy Peterson said the kids will transition to Houlton next year Рsome will go to Southside School and some to Houlton Elementary School. Parents are concerned about overcrowding on buses and in classrooms.

“There’s so much in the air right now and I think that’s not fair to the kids,” said Pelton.

Peterson says the district is working out those issues. In the meantime she says every staff member at Wellington has a job within the district, so they’re making the transition together.

“I think it’s a comfort to the kids and the staff that we know come fall we’re still going to be seeing those same kids that are going out our doors today they’ll no longer be in this building itll just be in a different capacity in a different facility,” she said.

Looking at the smiles on these kids faces as they get ready for summer vacation, you wouldn’t know that they’re sad to see their school close, but they are.

“I’ll miss it..because it has a lot of memories,” said second grader Logan Brown.

“This is my favorite school..and I want to go to it again sometime,” said second grader Jack Campagna.


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