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Street Fair Kicks Off Balloon Fest, Helps Local Businesses

| August 22, 2013

Streen Fair from WAGM-TV on Vimeo.

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“Every year its something different – this year its beach-themed so come with your capris and flip flops, ” says Wilders Owner Kathy Beaulieu of┬ástreet fair on main street – the event that for YEARS has been the kickoff to the Crown of Maine balloon festival. Main Street is shut down from Academy Street to Blake Street and it’s all about entertainment, food, shopping, etcetera – a tradition that businesses really look forward to.

Tony Sullivan, owner of Governors says, “It’s a good opportunity to display our downtown, and have some fun downtown they do shut off main street its like the only time of the year they shut off main street”

Beaulieu says, “All of our product lines benefit from the amount of foot traffic and everything and sometimes it’s just a good way to touch base with a customer you maybe haven’t seen all summer so that always works out.”

Bealieu says there’s been a ton of revitalization in downtown Presque Isle that she’s excited for folks to see. And for the newer businesses Star City Coffee, it’s a great chance to get some exposure.

Edward Wright, o Star City Coffee Owner says, “Folks just have to see that there are a lot of different things available its not drive thru coffee, its not gas station coffee..we’re doing some of our italian sodas to let people know that we have colder items so its not hot coffee on a hot day.”

Though a forecast of rain did threaten the event this year – business owners say this is not the first time that’s happened – and though it does put somewhat of a damper on the street fair – everyone does the best they can to keep things afloat..and merchants say its still a great way to get everyone excited about the Balloon Festival.

Beaulieu says, “A lot of people see this going on and they don’t know whats going on with the balloons so we can give them information about the balloons so we participate – these events – people have to participate in them and embrace them for them to kind of expand.”

Wright says, “If we need to we can pull back in and be close to the front door so that people still have the opportunity to go from business to business and maybe dry off every now and then.”

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