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Stores Miss Out On Equipment Sales Due To Turkey Hunting Suspension

| April 24, 2014

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Some local businesses in Aroostook county may feel the effects of the suspended turkey hunting season.  Some stores that orderded equipment for the season are now missing out on the anticipated sales.

Now that the turkey hunting season has been suspended in districts 1 through 6, stores like Ben’s Trading Post in Presque Isle, are left with the extra inventory.

Ben Leblanc, owner of Ben’s Trading Post, “We ordered a bunch of new turkey guns in for stock, some new camo clothing that are tick resistant, a lot of ammo, new calls.”

Specially order equipment for the store now sits on shelves and racks.

LeBlanc, “We’ve sold some of it, we’ve had people cancel on some orders, It’s too bad the turkey hunt didn’t go through, I understand why it didn’t.”

The department of inland fisheries and wildlife headquarters in Augusta confirms with Newssource 8 that they are refunding permits purchased for this season.  The suspension was pretty short notice but game wardens like Alan Dudley say it’s more than just the permit sales.

Alan Dudley, District Game Warden, “It effects restaurants, gas stations, hotels, motels, sporting goods supplies and I’m sure there’s more businesses than that it effects so I fell bad for them.”

Equipment for hunting turkey can still be sold as some folks will still head south for the hunt, but the point of having it in districts 1 through 6 was for those who live in the area.

Leblanc, “People don’t get to take a weeks vacation to go downstate and can’t afford to get a hotel or rent a cabin, with the turkey hunt being here, it made it possible for people to hunt all month because usually they’re done by 6 – 6:30 in the morning.

Permits for Maine residents are 20 dollars, and 55 dollars for out of state hunters.  If a permit was purchased online, you can call 207-621-2600 within 30 days of the purchase, and have your card credited the refund. Otherwise the permit will need to be sent to the Inland Fisheries and Wildlife office in Augusta the address is, 284 State St. Augusta ME, 41 SHS, 04333-0041


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