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St. John Valley Tech center has changed what vocational education use to be.

| October 30, 2013

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Career and Technical education is the new name for vocational education at the St. John Valley Technology Center.  CTE offers training in the jobs that are out there, right now.

CTE program curriculum is based off rigorous state and national standards. Students earn high school as well as college credits.  This has changed the rate of students who end up going to college after Tech school.

“The technology and the rigor of the jobs has increased so greatly as technology has improved over the years that they need much more intensive training , so they come here and over 75-80 percent of our students end up going on to college after they graduate or some other form of post secondary education.” David Morse, Director at St. John Valley Tech told us.

We spoke with two juniors at St.John Valley Tech who are considering college after graduation.

” I came here so I could get certified so I have something to fall back on.” Said Junior Isaac Demontigny.

“I’m a junior so its still early to tell, but i’ll be looking in to it.” Added Junior Kevin Chamberland.

Programs that are currently available to enroll in are automotive technologies, construction trades, early childhood occupations, health occupations, and welding. Programs are no longer based off student interest,instead, Morse does extensive research before hand.  He checks with the department of labor statistics, survey’s business and submits a written report to the department of education.

“All of that is to ensure that all of our programs lead students to plenty of jobs and plenty of jobs that pay well. These jobs all have to pay at or above the median income for a single wager in the United States.” Said Morse.

Morse told us to survive in today’s economy, people need multiple skill sets, and that is what they offer at St. John Valley Tech.

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