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MPA Prepares for Basketball Tournament

| February 4, 2014

The Eastern Maine Basketball Tournament starts in 10 days. This is the first year the event is being held in the new Cross Insurance Center and Maine Principals Association Officials are working closely with the Center staff to make sure the event runs smoothly.

Durost:” Recognizing it is a different atmosphere. We are going to try and make things as comfortable as we can in terms of how players enter the court how the benches are set up. All of those types of things to makeĀ  it as comfortable and for people to have as few questions as possible about where to go and where to sit.


It will be a busy 10 days in Bangor and it all starts on February 14th

Durost:” The opening session s on Friday the 14th.It’s a three game session late afternoon and early evening. Our entire tournament schedule not the teams, but the schedule for all three sites would be up on our website if they go in the same general area as our heal points are.”

Durost said the goal is that everything runs smootly, but there could be some glitches.

Durost:” We have held several meetings with staff and with media and our comittee. We know there will be some glitches and we will deal with them as they come up and try to make itĀ  a positive experience for everyone as they come here for the first time


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