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Moose Hunt is Underway

| September 23, 2013

The first week of the 2013 moose hunt is now underway.IT was a wet start to the moose hunt, but several hunters were still successful in the first few hours of the season


Ben’s trading post in Presque isle a busy place on Monday morning in the first two hours of the hunt they were already in double digits in the number of moose registers. Wildlife Biologist Rich Hoppe said that pretty big moose have already been tagged

“Some pretty big ones. We had some in the 920 range. People are seeing some they are passing some up but I expect the rest of the week will be pretty clear. People are happy people like the season it’s a nice time of year to get out.”

950 permits were allocated for this week including 870 in Aroostook County.  Hoppe says that hunters shouldn’t get discouraged if they are not successful early in the week

”  The season as we see right now is very weather dependent. People wait a long time to get this.  I just hope they are patient and don’t go home by Tuesday or Wednesday. It’s supposed to be cool in the evenings 35 or 40 and a high around 50 so I don’t think you can ask for much better weather”

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