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Lee Reaches 100 Goal Mark

| September 5, 2013

Ian Lee of Madawaska joined a very elite group. He scored the 100th goal of his career, According to the Maine Soccer Coaches Association Lee is just the fourth boy to score more than 100 goals in his high school career. We caught up with Lee today to get his reaction to the accomplishment


“It wasn’t more nervous, it was more reaching that goal with the rest of my teammates which is pretty awesome. They have been with me every step of the way.  They make it all happen because no goal happens just dribbling down the field.

lee might be a prolific scorer, but he is also an excellent passer and Assistant Coach Doug Cyr says he is a great leader and very unselfish

” Ian is a great leader. His teammates look up to him. Ian is a very unselfish player. It doesn’t matter who is playing to the right or left of him. If they can push the ball forward Ian will get them the ball.”

Lee needs eight goals to become the all time leading boys scorer in the State. He said reaching that point would be special, but the team success is more important

”  The ultimate goal at the end is getting that Eastern Maine title and having a chance to get the gold ball. I don’t think that has happened yet in Madawaska High School. That would be a great accomplishment even on top of this.”

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