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Fans and Stores Experiencing “Red Sox Fever”

| October 23, 2013

Another trip to the World Series, means Red Sox fever is in the air! For athletic stores in Aroostook County like Olympia Sports, it means incoming shipments of Red Sox gear. Everything from ALCS hats, to shirts with beards, Olympia Sports is ready for any Red Sox fan looking for some apparel.

“People are coming in and asking if we have Red Sox stuff which is usually what we have,” said Manager Trainee Jahleel Williams. “They’re going to the World Series so we have hats for that, we have Octobeards shirts for kids.”

And almost everyone can agree that bearded shirts are where it’s at… which is why Northern Athletic Supply in Presque Isle is printing their own.

Co-Owner Jason Shaw said, “The beard shirts- we see a lot of them around and we can print them here because they’re not trade marked.”

It’s a quick process for one of the custom-made shirts– 1 1/2 minutes to be exact– thanks to a direct to garment machine.

“We put our blank shirt on a board and we have our logo that we’re ready to print. The computer goes right to the machine and that’s gonna print our logo that we have on the computer,” said Shaw. “When it’s finished, we put it on the heat press that seals that shirt in and it will be all done.”

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