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Dewey Dewitt Recalls His Last 65 Years of Golf

| October 4, 2013

Dewey Dewitt has been involved in golf for over 65 years. Dewey remembers some of the people that he spent time with on the course.

“Where we are right now Rene in 1946 this was a sheep farm. Lester Baker owned it and in 1947 he put it in operation and I came out and worked for him. Then a group bought it with the Pierces, Mckay, Putnams and Dr Gormely and Frank Tomlin bought the place and made it into a Country Club. I played a lot with those fellows in those particular years. Also when I went to Presque Isle I was involved in the early making of that course. The first meeting had Oscar Taggott as Chairman. Irwin Porter Carl Moskwitz, Joe Freeman Sid Cook among other. Bud Survant. That is when Presque isle started. When Aroostook Valley transferred to 18 from 9 Perron Edmunds was the gun over there and Perron was a good friend of mine. I served on the Board of Directors over there. When Vaughn Currier decided to build Fort Kent I talked to Vaughn a lot about it. Dana Swett negotiated the money to get Portage started. Dana was a good friend of mine. and I was lucky enough to hit the first ball off the tee. That was back in the 60′s. All in all I have seen the growth of Golf pretty much in the last 60 years.”

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