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Bigrock Begins Making Snow

| November 29, 2013

The cold temperatures are a bonus for a local ski area. Bigrock in Mars Hill has fired up the snow guns and it’s all systems go as they look to open before Christmas.


“We call it a necessary evil around here having to make snow. If we want to be open by Christmas vacation week we need to make snow.”

The cold weekend could be a real benefit for Big rock. Temperatures are expected to be below freezing all weekend and that means full steam ahead for snowmaking


“We have eight snow cannons that we run all the time Try to get as much snow made as possible as early as possible.  Ideally we are down below 28 degrees a lot of it is humidity. Ideal snowmaking between ten above and ten below and the less wind the better because we can put snow where we want it.”

The staff is currently making snow on two trails and that will expand as conditions warrant

“We are going to try and get as much a base down as possible. We will start in our beginner area and move over to Comet our race trail. We will try to open to the top as soon as possible.”

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