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Southern Victoria High School Goes Blue for Anti-Bullying

| December 17, 2013

SV Bullying from WAGM-TV on Vimeo.

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Students in Mrs. Sadler-Mean’s English class took a couple seconds out of their day on Tuesday to write something nice about someone else. Many students in this classroom were wearing blue. It was all part of anti-bullying day.

“They want to make sure that all students feel included,” says teacher Cindy Pearson. “They want to make them feel safe, and it’s a way that everyone can feel safe and better about where they are at.”

Anti-bullying or blue day was recognized on Tuesday across the entire province of New Brunswick. People were encouraged to wear blue to school and to their workplaces to show their support for the cause. At Southern Victoria High School in Perth Andover, many students and staff members jumped on board.

Valerie Sullivan, the high school’s principal said, “I think probably we are normal as far as the amount of bullying incidents..most of what happens in the schools is not bullying, its conflict..and we have a very proactive systematic way of dealing with conflict in the building.”

Anti-bullying is something students and staff at SVHS support every day. In fact, the first Friday of every month, staff members are wearing ┬ápink T-shirts to encourage a positive learning environment – on the back the message is, ‘stop bullying, it hurts’.

That’s one of many initiatives the school has taken to be proactive about bullying. They had their students create helping hands with numbers written down of who they can go to for support – students also created peace cranes to remind them to be kind to one another. They’ve also got a number of programs that students can join to help them feel included and empowered.

“When you’re safe, it is easier to learn. You know that you are surrounded by people who care for you and who will protect you, and you can focus on what it is that you’re here to do which is to learn and grow and develop your skills,” says Pearson.

This was the province’s fifth anti-bullying day.

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