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Some Communities See Record Cold

| January 2, 2014


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Some communities in our area saw record cold today. The bitter cold is all people could talk about and of course THINK ABOUT, especially for those who have to be OUT and ABOUT. It’s cold. One of the coldest days on record in some areas. One of the lowest community temperatures, Caribou says Todd Foisy a¬†Science Officer at the National Weather Service in Caribou. “We got down to negative 28 in our office in Caribou and that actually shattered a daily record by a full 8 degrees and of course we weren’t the only spot in Caribou and Presque Isle, some of the colder spots were Van Buren they got down unofficially to negative 47 and another place that got really cold out in the North Woods was Big Black River they got down to negative 42 and they were actually the holder of the state record low temperature which was minus 50 back in 2009,” says Foisy. And those getting the COLD SHOULDER were workers who have to be out and about regardless of the weather…rain, sleet, shine or WINTER CHILL. Gas attendants Ron Cleavette and Justin Doody say its HARD DOODY no doubt working in the bitter cold…but someone has to do it. “pumping people’s gas people that don’t wanna get out of their vehicle in the cold I understand, but I have to freeze at the same time,” says Doody. Home delivery fuel workers Bob Leblanc and Travis Whitmore certainly get where Justin is coming from. Bob Leblanc says “Yes I am cold, its chilly but dressed for it it’s a Northern Maine winter you know, be a little tough and get by.” “Yeah, comes with the territory I guess, I grew up in Northern Maine so I know what to expect,” agrees Travis Whitmore.¬† While IT IS January, Foisy says these cold temperatures are actually abnormal and uncommon. “This isn’t exactly normal for this time of year to put this in perspective its approximately a once in a decade cold snap,” says Foisy. But he says it will end over the next few days and heat up a bit. That is if you call above zero warm. As for people like Doody, how he’s planning to get by working in the cold over the next few days? “Dress warm dress in layers bring extra clothes with me,” answers Doody.


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