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Snowmobile season update

| January 23, 2014


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Snowmobile season got off to a good start here in the County with the early December snowfall, but after the polar vortex and a couple bouts of freezing rain things have slowed down a bit. News Source 8’s Angela Christoforos reports.

Snowmobile season is in full swing and although the trails look good; the occupancy numbers at local hotels for out-of-state snowmobilers have dropped.

Owner of the Caribou and Presque Isle Inn & Convention Centers Kevin B. Simmons said, “Unfortunately with the icy conditions with the amount of snow that we do have we are down substantially for where we should be at this time of the year.”

But that hasn’t stopped all snowmobilers from hitting the trails, I talked to a couple residents that said trails north of Caribou are in excellent condition. The trails are groomed on a regular basis to ensure that they’re safe to ride on.

Superintendent, of Caribou Parks & Rec Kathy Mazzuchelli said, “No matter where you are it’s still ridable all over Aroostook County, you’re going to find a little bit more of an ice on the base in the Southern areas.”

“I think due to the rain that we’ve received people really look at our snowmobile reports and say ok what is going on there and they see some icy conditions and even though we feel and we know that the trails are great, a lot of people don’t want to drive that distance to get here and not be 100% satisfied,” said Simmons.

The good news? Winter is no where close to being over!

“I think 3 or 4 more inches maybe Saturday and a little bit more Sunday, we’re on it. Just embrace it get out there because the best sledding is yet to come,” said Mazzuchelli.

To get a copy of the most recent trail report, go to

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