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Snowmobile season boosts local economy

| December 28, 2013


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Snowmobile season kicked off early this winter due to snowfall amounts more than about double what we had by this time last year. Snowmobilers are happy, and so are local businesses. News Source 8’s Angela Christoforos reports…

Snowmobilers from across the Country have started rolling into the County.

Kentucky snowmobiler Kristopher Cicchetto said,  “You guys have great trails it’s wide open there’s plenty of snow, great people, nice hospitality, it’s a nice place.”

There’s no doubt that snowmobiling is fun, but it’s also good for the local economy. At the Caribou Inn and Convention Center, occupancy is up by 300%!

Clerk at Caribou Inn and Convention Center Laura Andrews said, “It helps because they eat in our restaurant, visit our bar, they go to the local gas stations and to the local grocery stores.”

There’s over 2300 miles of well-maintained snowmobile trails in Northern Maine; a big money maker for this part of the country that attracts thousands of people and brings in millions of dollars to local hotels, eateries, and other businesses.

Night Clerk at the Northern Door Inn Mike Marqis said, “Fort Kent actually ironically depends on the snow mobiles during this season.”

Owner of Rock’s Family Diner Peter Pinette said,
” It givesus that little extra to get through the winter months. Right now we’re ahead of schedule, generally January/February is you know the good months for us going into March. Starts off in December, we smile.”

A lot of New Englanders have already hit the trails and some people have come from as far away as Kentucky!

Kentucky snowmobiler Kristopher Cicchetto said, “Down in Southern parts of the states they’re just little goat trails where as here they’re real roads and just a much nicer road.”

And that’s what has made, and what will continue to make snowmobiling in Northern Maine so appealing. Many hotels, restaurants and stores are also located right on the snowmobile trail system throughout the County, making necessities like food and gas easy and accessible to snowmobilers visiting from away.

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