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Snowdogs Battle Wildcats

| January 22, 2014

snowdogs122web from WAGM-TV on Vimeo.

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The Aroostook Snowdogs  were back on the court today this time taking on the Presque Isle boys .Coach Brian Hamel says his team improves each and every time they take the court.

Brian Hamel: “Every time they get on the court I see improvement. Every single time they improve and are using the skills they have learned during practice. They put them in a game environment. You can see the teamwork, the passing , the dribbling, the shooting, it all gets better each and every time out.”

The Snowdogs used some red hot shooting early in the game against the Wildcats to build up a 10 point lead. The Snowdogs practice twice a week and Hamel says games against the Presque Isle Girls, Caribou Boys and now the Presque Isle Boys give his team a chance to continue improving.

Brian Hamel:” We play each other during our practices. We have 28 players, but when we get out here and they are playing other teams with other skill levels it helps them improve their game.”

The Snowdogs will be the guest of honor on Saturday when both Presque Isle teams play MDI. Hamel says his team uses these games to prepare for the State Competition held in Mid March.

Brian Hamel:: All of our practices and all of our games lead up to our State Tournament on March 15th at the University of  Southern Maine in Gorham.”

Last year the Snowdogs won two medals including a gold in their division.

Brian Hamel:” That is what we strive for all year. They look forward to it every year.  We get to stay in a Hotel two nights and we play teams from all across the State. Last year we had a fantastic year both on and off the basketball court and they are really excited about this year.”



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