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Snow brings economic boost to winter sports & tourism

| March 20, 2014


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Today is the first day of spring; but it seems like winter weather doesn’t want to go away just yet. We woke up to more snow this morning, but as News Source 8’s Angela Christoforos explains, not everyone is complaining….

It’s officially spring. Sure doesn’t look like it, but it’s good news for winter sports in the County.

Aroostook County Tourism Develop Jon Gulliver said, “It allows for more snowmobile visits, more tourists coming to the area, it helps restaurants, hotels, inns, motels.”

The manager of the Budget Traveler in Presque Isle says February is normally their busiest month for snowmobilers, but all of the recent snow has brought a bigger economic boost during March.

Budget Traveler Inn & Suites Manager Gary Lausier said, “We’re getting reservations everyday for individuals that want to come up for the weekend, we’re getting people calling up asking how many inches of snow and how are the trails. I’m probably looking at 40 sledders that come up here to stay with us compared to last year this time we probably had only 10.”

And more snow means more times for ski enthusiasts to hit the slopes!

General Manager of Big Rock Mountain Bill Getman said, “It keeps piling up and we’re ahead about 10% revenue wise versus a year ago and we contribute that a lot to the snow.”

It’s bitter sweet- snow in the spring. But winter weather is great for the County’s economy.

“I talked to an Inn owner from Madawaska and an Inn owner from Van Buren and Washburn and they said March has been a very good month for them so far a lot of snowmobilers, a lot of visits,” said Gulliver.

So as far as local hotels, eateries, and winter recreational facilities are concerned- let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

At the Governor’s Conference on Tourism on Wednesday, a marketing plan for the next 5 years was released that involves focusing more on winter recreational opportunities.

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