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Smartphones, Social Media & Grandparents

| September 13, 2013

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We all live a fast-paced life full of technology. Today, people seem to move farther from their family, and technology helps them to stay connected. Grandparents especially love to see their grandchildren grow up, and technologies like Facebook and smart phones make keeping in touch simple.

Gary Hebert the  U.S Cellular store manager says, “We did a survey with our customers and found out that 56 percent of our seniors use their cell phones to communicate with their grandchildren. And 48 percent actually text message between each other. One-third of the seniors found that it improved their relationship with their grandchildren.”

Hebert says smart phones are a great way to keep in touch. Not only can you call and text, but they are equipped with Apps such as Skype and Facebook that makes distance in miles, not a problem. Dave Whiting lives five hundred miles from his family, and loves using Facebook to stay in touch.

Whiting says, “We can put a picture on there, or someone down in Connecticut can put a picture on there, and within minutes we can see it. We are always the first to know the latest news and the babies births, or sickness or anything.”

Hebert said Facebook is the most asked about app.

Hebert says, “Facebook is the number one application on our smartphones. That’s the number one thing that our customers ask us to download for them and set it up once they get their new phone. And we see that trend with our seniors.”

Hebert adds that apps like Facebook and Skype help to shorten the distance between people. You can stay up to date with family members at any given time of the day. Whiting love Facebook and says he doesn’t know what he would do without it.

Whiting says, “Without Facebook I would be lost. I wouldn’t see the kids growing up. I really appreciate that now there is a format that we can use and I can see the family and the latest updates.”

Smartphones and Social Media have definitely made the difficulty of staying in touch a thing of the past. They have made a difference in how we stay connected with family members with just a click of a button.


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