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Since opening shop, two local tattoo artists have had great success

| October 23, 2013


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Aroostook County natives, Jesse Pinette and Nichole Smith have a passion for ink, a passion they have turned into a business.

“We were both living out in Chicago going to school there, I kind of just fell into an apprenticeship and ended up learning how to tattoo, she got into it to and wanted to learn so, we just took it from there and we both learned how to tattoo out there and came back here and opened shop.” Jesse Pinette owner of Precision tattoo told us.

The shop they opened was precision tattoo. Jesse and Nichole started going to conventions last year, where a bunch of tattoo artists get together and are judged on their work. One of those was the, Live Free or Die expo in Manchester New Hampshire, where over 1,500 artists were in attendance. Jesse received first place for tattoo of the day.  Beating out a former finalist of Ink Masters, a popular show on spike TV.  Another convention they attended was the Rock & Tattoo convention in Lewiston, where there were around 7-800 artists.  Jesse placed 1st for tattoo of the day, and Nicole placed 3rd in the same category.

“Definitely feels good to win stuff like that, gets your name out there, I think even more so for her, just cause she’s a female and this its definitely a male dominated industry.” Jesse said.

Nichole told us that out of the hundreds of artist’s at the Rock & Tattoo conventions there were only about 5 women competing.

“Its a pretty tight community with the women we try to get together and support each other.”Nichole Smith owner of Precision Tattoo told us.

Jesse and Nicole opened Precision Tattoo in 2011 and have had great success, tattooing over 500 people just last year.

“It’s great that we can create art every day, you know, permanently marking people is a pretty big deal, and they leave with something that we put our heart into and they have it forever so its kind of neat.” Nichole said.

Jesse and Nichole say business is booming! They are already booked through December.

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