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Sidewalk Construction Project in Presque Isle Slated for Summer 2015

| July 9, 2014


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At Monday’s City Council meeting in Presque Isle, a construction project was approved. It’s one that will make for safer walking conditions for pedestrians, and make the city more walk-able. News Source 8’s Angela Christoforos reports…

Presque Isle┬áDeputy City Manager┬áMartin Puckett said, “There’s a lot of people that walk to Walmart that walk to pick up groceries, walk to go shopping, and currently it’s a safety issue.”

That’s because the sidewalk in Presque Isle only goes up to right at the Hampton Inn on Main Street, and after that it’s 4 lanes of traffic with no designated safe space for pedestrians.

“So you get to that point and where do you go do you walk on the road, do you walk on the grass, how do you get from point a to point b,” said Puckett.

The City Council and MDOT collaborated in an effort to create plans for a new sidewalk a total of 1,150 feet long, that will start at the Hampton Inn and go North to Maysville Road, on the east side of the road. The sidewalk construction project will cost an estimated $150,000. MDOT will pay for half and the City will fund the rest.

“We’re always looking for loops for people to bike and walk and run in in the downtown so this is a critical part that will create a big loop for people to use. Right now currently it’s a 4 mile loop that will be from the bike path to the downtown,” said Puckett.

Puckett say’s it will make for safer conditions for pedestrians, and it also furthers the City’s long term goal of making Presque Isle a more walk-able community.Construction is slated to begin in June of 2015, and the anticipated completion is September of 2015.

Another ongoing project the city of Presque Isle is working on includes bike path expansion.The city is looking for grants to expand bike paths throughout Presque Isle.

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