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Security and Parking During the Biathlon

| February 27, 2014


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People are getting excited for the start of the 2014 IBU Youth/Junior World Championships on Friday. Security will be tight, and parking is not on site. If you are coming from Presque Isle, drive past the access road to the Nordic Heritage Center, and you will see a billboard that says Biathlon Parking.

“Volunteers and spectators will be parking at the gallagher loop. Every fifteen minutes a bus rotates through brings them up to the venue, and goes back to the gallagher parking lot,” says Security Chief, Stephanie Beaulieu.

“The only people that can drive up the access road to the lodge will have a parking pass, and that’s the chiefs and the major volunteers,” says Chief of Event Services, Nate Berry.

So anybody else will need to park in that parking lot, and be transported to the venue by bus. Before you board the bus, you will be checked by security.

Beaulieu says there’s a few things you shouldn’t bring, but a few things you are allowed to bring, but she says just bring the bare minimum.

“Times have changed, society has changed, so we’re monitoring what people are brining in,” says Beaulieu.

For spectators, backpacks, purses, and any large bags are prohibited. You can bring a small fanny pack, a water bottle and a blanket. Fire arms are of course prohibited and any whistles or anything that would distract the biathletes. Only the necessities to watch a race for a few hours and that’s it. Also walking on the course is prohibited. Berry says that this year is going to be great and definitely something to see, and best of all, it’s free.

“The event itself is free for any spectators. The parking service is free, so they can just go park their vehicle, board the bus and come up here,” says Berry.

So just keep in mind to bring only what is allowed, and park in the designated parking lot. Lots of security will be on hand to make sure everything runs smoothly.

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