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Search Yields No Sign of Missing Woman

| May 22, 2014


State Police say a search of a 14 acre piece of property in Eastport Thursday yielded no signs of a woman, missing for a decade, who once lived there.  Two body dogs searched the property off Clark Street for about eight hours Thursday and found no sign of 59 year old Marilyn Lehan.  Detectives say they have no plans to return to the property, but additional searches at other locations are likely as new information comes in. Marilyn Lehan is 59 years old, is 5’9” tall with brown hair and brown eyes.  Anyone with information regarding her whereabouts or anyone who may have had contact with her prior to her disappearance is asked to contact Detective Micah Perkins at State Police in Bangor  – 1-800-432-7381, or Eastport Police.

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