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Scottish Heavyweight Games are Underway in Perth-Andover

| May 30, 2014


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The Gathering of the Scots in Perth Andover this weekend and what would the event without the Heavyweight Games. Today the Masters division took center stage.


9 competitors from as far away as Ontario and New Hampshire were in Perth- Andover to kick off the Scottish Heavyweight games. 4 time World Champion Dirk Bishop helps organize the event and says that Friday afternoon’s event is a little more laid back for the competitors and spectators

Bishop:”There is not going to be the crowd the festival is not going on. It’s just a bunch of guys throwing having some fun and slapping a few backs.”

Bishop says the group added a second day to competition a few years ago and it has been well received

Bishop:” In about 2008 or 2009 to get the Masters going so they would have a venue that would be known to the crowd. It was such a hit we decided to carry it on Friday.”

Mark Allen Currier of Claremont, NH made the 10 hour drive north to copete. He has been involved in the sport for 10 years and also has competed in Strongman Competitions. Currier says he loves competing in differerent venues

Currier:”I like to come because I like to compete against International Competitors. I like a chance to travel in other Countries. .The guys are great and I love the sport.”

Current World Masters Champion Berle Conrad of Harrietsville Ontario says the event in Perth Andover is one he marks on his calendar each year

Conrad:” it’s pretty friendships that brought me here. I keep coming here for that reason. It’s a good event the weather is not always cooperative but the guys are a great bunch of guys to throw with.”

Like any multi-discipline athlete Conrad says some events are better than others for him

Conrad:” Pretty good with the weights for heights on a pretty good day my hammers are ok and my stones are horrible. I have some better events than others.

A slap on the back and high fives for competitors who might set a new personal record and while the event looks pretty laid back the athletes all want to do their best.

Conrad:”While we are throwing seriously and trying to improve their positions and improve their throws you will find a lot of jocularity i believe it is called here. We have a lot of fun.



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