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SAD 1 takes steps to increase security

| October 15, 2013


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Security in School systems has increased over the last few years.  The devastating Connecticut shooting really hit home and it was also a reminder that security as well as slowing down the progress of an intruder is crucial.  SAD1 took another step towards promoting safety today by implemented a buzzer system.

Presque Isle put a buzzer system into effect Tuesday October 15th. Having gone this long without a buzzer system we asked District Safety Coordinator Tim McCue why now?

Timothy McCue answered our question with, “I think what happened after all of the different situations that have occurred across the nation, Connecticut, really brought it home to us that we need to make sure we are doing what we can to protect our children.”

Several other schools in the area already utilize the buzzer system, McCue told us how this system will add another layer of security.

“Law enforcement tells us all the time, that it is important for us to slow down the process if someone does come to a school agitated.”McCue said

When a visitor comes to the school, they press the button located on the right hand side of the door, which buzzes the office, the visitor is then viewed on camera and is asked to state their reason for visiting, and then they are then buzzed in and allowed to enter.  The funding for the buzzer system came from a bond issue that tax payers approved…McCue told us that all of the schools in the district implemented this system on October 15th, with the exception of the high school which is still in the works of adding the buzzer system.

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