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Russell Currier Competing For Berth In The Olympics

| January 1, 2014


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A County biathlete is spending the New Year in Europe. Russell Currier of Stockholm looks to keep his Olympic Dreams alive this weekend in the first of two sets of International Biathlon Union Cup races that will determine the final two members of the US Biathlon Team. Rene Cloukey has the story.


I will be competing in Northern  Italy close to Austria. Really nice place great view. I checked the weather and everything looks good. The racing is a little more important than normal so that is the only new thing I have to deal with

. Currier, Maine Winter Sports Center teammate Casey Smith, Jeremy Teela and  World Youth Biathlon Champion Sean Doherty will be vying for the final spots on the team that will compete in Sochi, Russia

“Based on two series of races. There’s four of us and we are jostling for two spots. It’s any ones game good as 50 50 at this point.”

Currier has had success on the International stage in the past. He has two sixth place finishing in World Cup events against the top competitors in the world. At times Currier has difficulty on the range, but always is able to rely on his fast skiing

“It’s nice to have a dependable go to even when it is ski speed. You can really get some confidence out on the trail and know you have some back up on the trail, which lately for me as been necessary.”

The 26 year old has only been competing in the sport for 11 years and would love to make the Olympic team this year, but he is also focused on down the road knowing that he in the sport for the long run. He is taking it one step at a time.

“It’s easy to dwell into it and get stressed out. At this point my best bet is just to stick to  the process and  try to keep it a step by step process.

The US Biathlon Association will make the final determination after the races and Currier would love be hearing the chant USA at the Olympics next month. Rene Cloukey  NewsSource Sports.



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