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Riding Along with the Maine Warden Service

| October 16, 2013


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It’s a busy time of year for the Maine Warden Service in Aroostook County. It’s the middle of the second week of the moose hunt and bird season is in full swing. The wardens are out patrolling the woods to make sure it is a safe  hunt and to ensure that everyone is following the rules


Sgt. Dan Menard of the Maine Warden Service is patrolling the Realty Road checking hunters to make sure they are in the right zone and that they have their licenses .

“You got a bull or a cow tag. Bull. We just saw a cow back there.”

Menard said interaction with hunters is very important during the safety check

” I take that loop there are some good stretches on the edges of swamps.  A lot of these moose hunters are getting frustrated. It’s Wednesday half the week has gone by. Try to get some more encouragement send them to spots where we see the moose because we want everybody to be success.  Just a matter of time Thank you.”

The Warden also look for hunters to be their eyes and ears in the woods. There are hundreds of miles of roads and thousands of acres to patrol and interaction with hunters is a great resource

” There was a person with a cow at the end of this road, they just got it.” Sometimes we get information about something they’ve seen or things that didn’t seem to be right that they have encountered in their hunting excursion. It really benefits us for that interaction.”

There are six Wildlife Management Districts in the County and the Realty Road in the North Maine Woods is a boundary for several different zones so make sure you are hunting in the right zone

” It’s really easy if you are going to pay attention to where you are going to be.  Just look at the map before you head out on these moose hunts.”

Another resource for the Wardens Operation Game Thief  an anonymous tip line set up for anyone who might see illegal hunting or fishing activity.

” 1 800 alert us that is an anonymous tip line to report poaching.”

It’s also very important to respect the landowners to ensure that these areas are still open for people to recreate

” Treat everybody’s land with respect like it is your own. Don’t litter don’t destroy property. That is why this land is open for public use and we want that continue

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