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Ride Aroostook

| August 10, 2013


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Fifty Cyclists took to the road over the weekend to Ride Aroostook! The event promotes physical fitness, the beautiful scenic views of the Aroostook countryside, and it also raises money for children with Type 1 diabetes.  It’s an endeavor that spans a distance of 75 miles!

Volunteer Coordinator of Ride Aroostook Penny Mchatten says, “We set it up so that we’ve got it’s like a 4 leaf clover, the first loop will go up to Caribou, and back here and the second loop goes over to Easton and back here.”

National Director of Project Hero Barbara Springer says, “It’s great to be able to ride in beautiful scenery, with very low traffic and great roads.”

It took place over the course of 2 days: Saturday and Sunday. The Ride Aroostook cycling tour supports Camp Adventure, a one-of-a-kind summer camp for children with type 1 diabetes.Some of the camp members even participated in the ride as well.

Ride Aroostook Cyclist Christopher Farley says, “Living a life that is not limited by diabetes, but more enhanced by it cause it shows what I can do even though I do have a disease.”

Kris Freeman is a 3-time Olympian, Cross country skier, and a diabetic who also rode Aroostook- but not by bike!

3-time Olympian Kris Freeman says,  “I think it’s a great fit for me to come out and do something crazy like roller ski 75 miles cause it shows that a diabetic can do just about anything that they want to do.’

Sandy Buckles, a retired Navy Captian and wounded warrior also rode Aroostook; but with a recumbant bike!

Combat Wounded Warrior Sandy Buckles says, “I ride this because I have traumatic brain injury, and I don’t have balance so I can’t ride a 2-wheeled bike.”

Whether by bike, recumbant bike, or roller skis, it was a ride participants did with pride- in support of type 1 diabetes.


Wounded Warrior Sandy Buckles is invovled with ” Project Hero,” an initiative that uses cycling as a form of rehabilitation for service members and Veterans. News Source 8 will have more on that story next week.

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