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Remembering Red Sox Fan Doris Bernard

| November 1, 2013


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You may remember us reporting the 100th birthday of Red Sox fan Doris Bernard back in September. Her greatest wish was a 2013 World Series win for the Red Sox. Well, her wish came true, but sadly she passed away just 5 days before it.  Doris Bernard was a die hard Red Sox fan. She was alive when they won the World Series in 1915, ’16, ’18, saw two more wins in 2004 and 2007, and wanted nothing more than to see another win this year.

At her 100th birthday party just one month ago Doris Bernard said, “They better. They better because I am right behind them they better win for sure.”

And that, they did!

Catherine Bernard, Doris’s Niece said, ” Oh those were her Red Sox, she would be very proud of them.”

Roger Bernard, Doris’s Nephew said, “There’s no doubt she would’ve been glued to that television.”

The Red Sox were Bernard’s beloved baseball team that she followed for most of her life. Family members describe Aunt Doris as one of a kind, that would do anything for anybody.

Anne Blanchard, Doris’s Niece said, “In our family Aunt Doris was kind of the glue that held everybody together. She was the focal point in our family, everyone enjoyed being with her, visiting her, she always had wonderful stories to tell about the good old days.”

And that includes the Red Sox of course! She celebrated her 94th birthday at Fenway Park, where she saw her first Red Sox game. She even got to get on the field and just had a ball! The Sox Organization also recently mailed her a few gifts for her 100th birthday, and of everything a bag of Fenway dirt was her favorite. She said she wouldn’t of sold it, not even for a million dollars! Doris Bernard’s infectious personality, positive perspective on life and love for the good old game of baseball will be missed by many.

Anne Blanchard, Doris’s Niece said, “No doubt that she was the angel in the dugout that was coaching and helping those guys win.”

Doris Bernard has had many favorite Red Sox players through the years, but from this years line up Pedroia was her favorite.


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